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Places to visit in Miami County, KS

Who says Kansas is boring? Not I, says Dorothy and her dog, Toto.

Okay, we guess you’ve heard too many Dorothy jokes already – or at least, we have. There are just too many misconceptions about the Sunflower State that need debunking. And one of these is the lack of great places to visit here.

In Miami County alone, there’s a lot of fun and Instagram-worthy places to see. Bring a friend, bring a loved one, or come all by yourself to lively, exciting Miami County, KS. Get to experience amazing things not even the Wizard of Oz can conjure.

Hillsdale State Park
26001 255 St., Paola

If communing with Mother Nature is your definition of a great time, then commune all you want at Hillsdale State Park. This is a 12,000-acre outdoor sanctuary set by the beautiful Hillsdale Lake, a reservoir completed in 1982. Go fishing for catfish, largemouth bass, and bluegill or simply enjoy the tranquility of the still waters. If hunting live game is what excites you, around 7,000 acres of the park are open to wildlife hunting. Choose whether to explore on foot or on horseback and spot local fauna like whitetail deer, bobwhite quail, muskrats, and rabbits.

KC Watersports
25825 Edgemore Road, Paola

Who says that all the water-related fun begins and ends in the “other” Miami? Here in Miami County, you can have your fill of splashy-splashy glee Midwest- style at KC Watersports. Its main attraction is a 7.5-acre private lake for wakeboarding and water skiing. There are sections designated for veterans and newbies so no one is excused from trying out the watersports here. The more laid-back features here include the “Fun Lake” with giant inflatables and a sand volleyball court. After your fun day is up, head to the Boat House Pizzeria to refuel.

Louisburg Cider Mill
14730 K68 Highway, Louisburg

So you want a stereotype feel of Kansas. Then the Louisburg Cider Mill will be your best bet. See firsthand how apple cider is made and sample it straight from the tap. Immerse in the genuine Kansas experience in the many events held here like the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the Cider Mill Century Bicycle Tour, and Cider Mill Swap Meets. And don’t forget to get a bottle or two (or three or four) of ye olde-fashioned Louisburg Cider Mill Apple Cider before you go.

Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory
3783 K68 Highway, Louisburg

You love cats? We got cats – big ones, in fact. Here in this facility, you will find tigers, lions, bobcats, pumas, leopards, and other large, endangered wild cats. The men and women who work here have dedicated themselves to the care and preservation of these beautiful animals. Make sure to find out the schedule for feeding of these cats – if you dare. More than just showcasing these animals, the

conservatory also aims to educate the public about their plight.

Powell Observatory
26500 Melrose St., Louisburg

Looking for a date with the stars? A trip to Powell Conservatory might be right up your alley. The facility is home to a 30-inch diameter telescope believed to be the largest in a five-state area. The telescope is open for public viewing of the night sky during weekends from May to October.

From adrenaline-pumping activities to relaxing outdoor sojourns, it’s all here in Miami County, KS. If you’d like to look at available properties here, get in touch with us, the White Oak Realty Group. Call us at 828.782.0472 or via email at pat(at)whiteoakrg(dotted)com to get you started.