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White Oak Realty Group - Real Estate Agents

The Highlands, NC area is like none other, and your real estate experience doesn’t have to be, either. We take the elevated state of the Highlands-Cashiers area seriously, delivering an extraordinary experience that’s focused on what you wish to have happen.

Why choose White Oak? We have a few suggestions…

  1. We listen. No really…we listen. Buying and selling real estate requires making some of the toughest decisions of your life for you, your family and your business. There’s no template; no formula; no algorithm. Trust and connection start with listening. We listen carefully to your spoken and unspoken criteria and dig deep until we find you the perfect property that meets your every need.
  2. We’re your biggest advocate, every step of the way. From the initial search to the negotiation process and inspection dates to decorating your new space, our advocacy starts with the first phone call and extends well beyond your closing. Susie deVille, Owner and Broker-in-Charge of White Oak Realty Group leaves no detail unattended with anything pertaining to your property. We search. We advise. We advocate.
  3. Strategic thinking is our superpower. There’s nothing we love more than a puzzle that tests our creativity and innovation, making your challenges our sweet spot. From how we’re going to approach the process of seeing your first round of properties to how we’re going to craft the offer that checks everything off your list, we bring a strategic approach that’s just as strong on the details as it is on the bigger picture.
  4. Your choices are endless, and so is our expertise. We know what it’s like to enter a new real estate market: Excitement is quickly humbled by overwhelm. With White Oak in your corner, you get access to unparalleled real estate experience coupled with an incomparable depth of community knowledge from someone who grew up in Highlands and is a passionate ambassador for the community.
  5. You deserve different. From being the only Highlands-Cashiers area real estate agency to offer exclusive buyer agency on all residential sales to offering customer advocacy well beyond the norm, we put all of our energy behind crafting a unique experience for our investors. We call it the White Oak Approach: ethics, extraordinary service, and advocacy, above all else….without ever hesitating to have fun while we’re doing it.