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7 Rustic Interior Design Ideas to Try

The rustic aesthetic perfectly complements highland abodes, giving interiors a warm and cozy vibe as the cool, crisp temperature envelopes the surroundings. Once you’ve chosen from the list of homes for sale in Highlands, NC, take inspiration from these interior design ideas when you start decorating your home.

Wood Details

Real estate agents in North Carolina agree that wood details, such as in the ceilings, beams, panels, and flooring, are common in highland homes. You can go for dark hardwood flooring and light-colored wood walls for contrast. Furniture and accent pieces in wood also keep the rustic charm alive in your home.

Fresh and Dried Foliage

Nature plays a big part in the rustic aesthetic, which is why people think of reclaimed wood, earth colors, and rugged textures when the term “rustic” is brought up. Let nature into your home by placing plants and fresh flowers in the living area, kitchen, bedroom, or even in your bathroom. Apart from fresh foliage, dried flowers also add a unique touch to your space.

Vintage Furniture

Consider placing vintage furniture to complete the rustic look in your home. Old-world dining tables, chairs, and couches make a good focal point and conversation pieces. Vintage wooden cabinets, shelves, and entryway tables are also wonderful additions to maintain your home’s farmhouse appeal. Other details worth adding are lighting fixtures with a vintage style. Old, functional chandeliers and lamps are available in thrift shops but can also be found in some home improvement stores.

Modern or Industrial Touches

The rustic theme, when done right, will give your home character. However, sticking to mainly vintage pieces throughout your space can weigh it down and make it look old and rusty instead of pretty and rustic. Strike the perfect balance between old and new by slipping in some modern or industrial touches. Combine vintage dining tables with wire mesh chairs or a nordic-style couch with a vintage lampshade beside it.

Stone Furnishings

Stonework is fitting for a home perched on the mountainside, so go ahead and make use of stone furnishings for your interiors. Use stone on one area of your space, such as the kitchen’s walls, or the bathroom’s lavatory.

A Neutral Palette

Rustic style can look cluttered when the colors and texture of your furniture, decor, walls, and floors aren’t well coordinated. Stick to one color palette that looks good next to wood details. Experts suggest choosing a neutral palette consisting of white, grey, and different shades of brown and accentuating them with occasional bright reds, deep blues, and green tones.

Textured Pieces

Bring out your home’s personality by experimenting with different textures. Use wicker baskets for storage, a plaid runner for the dining table, modern minimalist paintings on the walls, and vintage rugs on your floors. When you make textures work together, they bring depth to your space and break the monotony.

Decorating your highland home is definitely exciting. Here at White Oak Realty Group, we help you find your dream mountain property you can spruce up according to your liking. Call us at 828.782.0472 to get started.